Glee relationship event master list

Inspired by the impromptu relationship event list I created as part of my “Silly Love Songs” review, I decided to create a master list to be updated as the series continues. At the bottom of the list, I also give the current total number of relationship events, the current total number of episodes, and the current relationship event/episode ratio (i.e. the average number of relationship events per episode). Names are listed in alphabetical order. (I’m not sure that’s the best way to organize this, but I couldn’t think of a really “neat” way to do it.)

Relationship events are divided into “hookups” (defined as characters becoming officially a couple, going on at least one date, or entering into a physical relationship with real feelings behind it) and “breakups” (defined as one or both of the characters ending the relationship). The event has to have occurred during the time span of the series to make the list, though not necessarily on camera.

So, Will and Terri’s hookup is not on the list because it occurred before the series began. Finn’s fling with Santana is not on the list because they were never officially a couple, they never went on a date, and there were no feelings behind their physical relationship. Brittany and Santana’s breakup and hookup within the series are on the list because while they do not date and are not officially a couple, there are real feelings behind their physical relationship. I don’t count Santana and Karofsky because while they claimed they were dating, they really weren’t.

(Even on second viewing of season one, I couldn’t really get a handle on when Puck’s relationship with Quinn began and ended, or if it even was a real relationship as opposed to just being one of convenience after Finn broke up with Quinn. I left it off the list.)

Numbers in brackets indicate the length, in episodes, of the relationship, including the episode that saw the beginning and ending. Relationships that have ended will have their episode counts under breakups. Red numbers, listed under hookups, indicate a relationship that is still ongoing as of the most recent episode. (I made a few assumptions, including that Brittany and Santana’s original relationship existed since “Pilot,” since I don’t have any evidence to the contrary.)

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